Desklab 4K Portable Monitor: Reviews, Recommendations, Deals, and Everything You Need to Know!

Desklab 4K Portable Monitor: Reviews, Recommendations, Deals, and Everything You Need to Know!

Learn about the features and product feedback in this Desklab in-depth review, what this portable monitor has to offer.

Time is running short, you have an assignment to finish, and you're tired of switching between tabs and windows. This doesn't sound fun, does it? No one is to blame here, though. Today's fast-paced world demands us to multitask efficiently. As such, we expect our gadgets to be versatile and portable.  

Desklab portable monitors offer efficiency without sacrificing the features we expect from our laptops. This gadget is designed to streamline workflow and power up productivity for any user, whether a businessperson, designer, student, gamer, or photographer. 

The claims sound interesting, but are they valid? Does the Desklab 4k portable monitor offer the valuable features it promises? We combed through several Desklab reviews and compiled a list of everything you need to know about this portable monitor. Without further ado, let’s get started with our review. 

Desklab 4k Portable Monitor 

With a Desklab monitor, you can transform your laptop into a small portable touchscreen. Let’s uncover the specifications of this handy monitor and see what it has to offer. 

 A Look at the Packaging

Every gadget review begins with a question, “What’s in the box?” 

The official Desklab monitor comes meticulously packaged in a white box. The premium package includes five items in total.

  • A portable Monitor (Full HD or Ultra HD)
  • HDMI cable
  • A cord that connects USB-C to USB-C
  • An instruction manual
  • Charger for USB-C (For Ultra HD)

Upon the first impression, the items convey a sense of quality. The cables are thick and durable, indicating that the company has probably not compromised on quality.

Connect with everything

You might think that your portable monitor limits connection to a set of devices. But guess what? It’s just not the laptops that you can connect to your Desklab monitor. Here are a couple of devices that pair perfectly with Desklab

  • Laptop (MacBook, Windows)
  • Smartphones (iPhone, Android)
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • Smart TV Devices
  • Android Tablet
  • iPad
  • Wii
  • USB 
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Nintendo Switch

This premium gadget is compatible with all operating systems!

Easy to Connect

After knowing about the compatibility of Desklab monitors, the next big question is regarding the complicated setup process. For that purpose, the Desklab portable monitor website uses the slogan, “Instant plug and play!” and for the right reasons. 

Just plug in the monitor to your device, and you’re all set!

No complicated formatting is required to get your monitor working. To sum up, it’s pretty easy to connect. The monitor comes with several interfaces to offer you a connection with a range of devices.


An overview of what you can connect to each port

    • You can connect your earphones or headphones to the 3.5mm AUX port. Once you insert your headphones' wire, you can listen to the audio. This is typically handy if your smartphone doesn’t have a headphone jack.
    • You can connect your laptop or mobile phone with a USB Type C interface. Additionally, you can also use it to charge your laptop with a USB Type-A to Type-C cable. Plus, this connection will transmit data, audio, and video. 
    • The HDMI port can be used to connect your computer, MAC, Xbox, Playstation, and Android/Apple TV. This connection transmits video and audio-only.
    • A micro USB port allows you to connect your gadget with a micro USB cable. 

4k portable monitor

Display & Design

Nobody wants to compromise on the quality of their screen displays. The good news is, Desklab portable monitors offer a 4k/ 1080p display. So, 4k isn’t restricted to TV screens anymore. 

The monitor offers clear and sharp image quality. Besides, the LED backlight gives a vivid color display. So, whether you're planning to edit photos, play games, or stream your favorite show, the high-quality display will satisfy your needs. 

Here’s what else you’d want to know about the display

  • Matte Display
  • Features a 15.6” screen
  • An interactive touchscreen
  • 13.8”H x 8.7”L x 1.2” W Dimensions
  • Response time: 10 milliseconds
  • Intensity/contrast: 1200:1
  • Allows Screen Mirroring

Matte screens reduce glare, providing a clear display. You can stream content from a distance and view the screen from different angles (due to its IPS type monitor) without losing sight of the screen. 

Additionally, the portable monitor is only 0.23 inches thick, which makes it convenient to carry around. 

Image Mode

Desklab is incredibly flexible when it comes to your preferences. For instance, you might want to pick a different picture mode while working on a project versus watching a movie online.  

Therefore, Desklab portable monitor comes in four image displays:

1. Standard

Standard mode is ideal for day-to-day tasks. While working on an office project or browsing through the internet, you’d prefer the standard model.

2. Movie

Movie mode is hands-down the most suitable display for Netflix lovers. The 4k display will allow you to enjoy your favorite show like never before. 

3. Game

If you're into gaming, this mode is for you.

4. Vivid

Want a brighter display? Switch to vivid mode. 


The Desklab monitor isn’t like your ordinary monitor that you need to search thoroughly for adjustments. You can customize your monitor screen just by pressing the buttons located on the left. 

You can adjust the volume, contrast, brightness, and sharpness based on your needs. 

Touch Screen 

Imagine your computer becoming a touch-screen system. Sound’s cool, right? Well, Desklab makes it possible for you. 

Just connect your smartphone or laptop with the portable monitor, and you’re good to go. With the impeccable touch of the monitor, you can now switch between apps effortlessly. You can drag, pinch and zoom your screen just as you’re using a smartphone (with a bigger, better display!)   

portable monitor


Audio is probably the biggest concern of music freaks and video streamers. To suffice the need, many laptop users utilize their external speakers. 

However, with Desklab dual Hi-Fi speakers, you do not need your external speakers. You can stream video or listen to your favorite piece of music via the built-in speakers in the monitor's rear. 

Although the sound quality of the speakers is sufficient, you can always plug in your earphones if you prefer listening to loud music. 

Energy Smart

Often we have a couple of tasks to finish, but our laptop’s battery doesn’t seem to compromise; our devices shut down due to low battery. Despite charging our device fully, streaming a couple of videos drains the battery faster than expected. 

In the middle of all this, you might think that Desklab portable monitor is no exception; however, the company claims it to be ‘Energy Smart’. 

Professional engineers have designed the Desklab monitor. As such, its battery lasts longer than we might expect. You can stream your content on an HD display without worrying about battery life. 

So, if you have a pending task, just charge your Desklab portable monitor, and you're all set. 


In addition to being thin, the portable monitor is lightweight as well. In fact, it is four times lighter than your average laptop and half as light as a MacBook Air. Even at this weight, the Desklab manages to offer a 15-inch screen display. 

Additionally, the slim design makes it travel-friendly. You can slip it in your laptop bag with a bunch of other items. 

Magnetic Stand

While sketching on Desklab portable monitor, you might keep it on your desk. You would, however, need to modify the angle while streaming a movie or finishing a project. 

The Desklab monitor comes with a magnetic stand that allows you to adjust the angle of the screen based on your preferences. 

Therefore, whether you are standing, sitting, or lying down, you will be able to get a clear view of the display.

Offers Eye Protection

Staring at a laptop screen for extended periods can cause eye strain, blurred vision, and headaches. So, we may end up closing our laptops regardless of the work we need to do. Desklab, however, takes the needs of users into account. 

The monitor provides a display that takes care of your eyes.

No More Glimmering Display

The display drivers often get your display flickering. It can be hard to focus on your screen, and it puts pressure on your eyes simultaneously. 

The Desklab portable monitor promises a flicker-free screen display. So, you won’t have to stare at your screen repeatedly. 

Reduces Glare

Our laptop’s screen often omits intense, dazzling light, making it difficult for us to stare at the screen. As a result, we might end up getting eye strain. 

Desklab gives an anti-glare display, so you won’t have to rub your eyes frequently in the middle of watching your favorite show. 

Reduced Blue Light

Our fancy digital devices emit blue light that is harmful to our eyes. It doesn’t lead to a severe condition but causes eye strain or might lead to sleeplessness

Many optical brands offer blue light glasses that block out the blue light of our display and suffice the need. However, with Desklab, you do not need to worry about the blue light anymore. 

The display of the Desklab monitor comes with reduced blue light, so you won’t need the blue light glasses. 

Desklab Reviews


Desklab reviews on Twitter

We went through a couple of Desklab reviews. The customers are seemingly satisfied with the product and its quality. Here are a few Desklab reviews. 

Paul from comments, I absolutely love my Desklab Ultralight 4k! The two things that stand out for me in comparison to other portable monitors I've travelled with in the past. I have been using it for a week, and I have no complaints.” 

Regarding the speaker quality, another user says, “The speakers sound pretty good. I use it with my dual monitor setup at work and to play CS: GO. Definitely a satisfied customer.”

The reviewers seem pretty satisfied with the ultra HD display, speaker quality, and compatibility of the portable monitor. Besides, customers agree that they can open several apps and “interact with them almost simultaneously.” 

Besides, regarding the compatibility and connection, a customer adds that the monitor “Works fine with MacBook Pro.”

Desklab Models and Pricing

Currently, two Desklab models are available on the market.

  • 4k Ultra HD Model
  • 1080p Full Hd Model

The 1080p Touchscreen Monitor version is somewhere around $500, but the good news is, it is on sale for only $300, while the 4k Ultra HD Model is $400 from $700! The monitor offers some notable features; as such, the price is pretty reasonable. 

You can also check out the amazing offers on the official Desklab website. The good news is, the official site is providing an up to 40% discount, plus free shipping. You can choose your desired payment method, and you're good to go.

Closing Notes

We discussed the features, specifications, and deals Desklab 4k Touchscreen Monitor has to offer in this guide. In addition, we also mentioned Desklab reviews of trusted customers and several tech websites. 

With its stunning 4K display and premium design, this monitor offers excellent value. Besides, the plethora of ports allows you to connect several devices. The Desklab monitor is convenient for frequent travelers as it is lightweight and portable.

Freelancers, designers, and content producers who need to multitask for long hours are best served by this monitor, as it is highly responsive and protects the eyes simultaneously.

Geeky Gadgets sums up all Desklab reviews in a single statement, “Think of everything you wish your laptop had and put it in a laptop accessory, and you get something quite like this touchscreen portable monitor.”

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