Which One Is the Best Portable Touchscreen Monitor for Graphic Design? A Complete Guide

Which One Is the Best Portable Touchscreen Monitor for Graphic Design? A Complete Guide

Graphic designers always search for the best technology to make their work easy while allowing more creativity. The best portable touchscreen monitor can do just that and so much more. It can provide a streamlined design experience or be a secondary multitasking screen.

The market for such portable monitors is quite saturated, and the price range varies significantly. Investing in a quality screen monitor is a wise decision; you should buy something that meets your requirements as a graphic designer. 

Touchscreen vs. Non-Touchscreen Portable Monitors

Whether you’re looking to use the portable monitor as the primary screen or the secondary one, your leading choice would be between touch and non-touch screens. Of course, the former is a little bit more expensive, but they are worth it, especially for graphic designers. 

Using a touchscreen monitor instead of a touchscreen laptop may be more economical. Touchscreen laptops are expensive, and if you don’t plan on using the touchscreen so frequently, you can get a touchscreen portable monitor instead. 

That way, when you need to use the touch functionality, for example, for drawing, you can simply connect the monitor and get the work done. 

Touchscreen Portable Monitors

You can still use a mouse even with a touchscreen monitor. However, having the touch functionality would improve your user experience considerably. It’s much more convenient, as you can use the monitor like a tablet. It will increase productivity, especially for time-consuming tasks like drawing, editing, and taking notes. 

For graphic designers, it’s better to go with a touchscreen monitor than one without touch capability. You’ll see a significant improvement in your work. 

8 Best Portable Touchscreen Monitors

Here are the best portable touchscreen monitors for graphic designers, reviewed in detail to make the decision easier for you. 

Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K 15-Inch Touchscreen Monitor

The Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor combines the convenience of touch with the crystal clear 4K display quality. It provides various features that can be handy when working with a graphic design tool. 

For starters, it’s a complete screen solution, so you can even use it as a primary screen with all the necessary ports available. If you use a desktop computer, you can add this monitor to the setup to turn your computer into a touch device. 

It’s twice as bright as some of the leading portable monitors, which is incredibly important for graphic design work. The 10 ms response rate is on par with the performance requirement of designers. Additionally, the 15-inch touch display allows you to use a stylus pen/pencil for drawing. 

There’s no need for setup, as it’s just supposed to be plug-and-play. While it’s ideal for graphic design work, it’s also gaming ready. You can also use it with gaming consoles, especially smaller portable ones like Nintendo Switch, for a better gaming experience. 

ASUS ZenScreen MB16AMT 15.6-Inch Portable Touchscreen Monitor

ASUS hardly needs any introduction as the company is known for making affordable yet reliable PC products. The ZenScreen MB16AMT Portable Touchscreen Monitor packs in a large screen size of 15.6 inches with HD resolution. Its IPS panel provides color accuracy, which is imperative for graphic design. 

The monitor has built-in speakers that are decent in terms of sound quality. The 7,800 mAh battery lasts long for normal use. It’s very useful in times when you’re not near a power outlet, for example, when traveling on a bus or train. 

The multiple ports built into its frame provide ample connectivity, so you can also connect other smaller devices. 

Perhaps the only drawback of this otherwise great portable touchscreen monitor is that it doesn’t work very well with macOS or other Apple products. 

It has a folio case that can be used as a stand when working with the monitor.

ViewSonic 15.6-Inch 1080p TouchScreen Portable Monitor

If you find 1080p to be acceptable quality and want something more budget-friendly, the ViewSonic 15.6-Inch 1080p TouchScreen monitor is the answer. The aspect ratio is 16:9, whereas the viewing angle is 178 degrees. 

The highlight of this portable monitor is its 10-point PCAP FHD display that is quite sensitive to touch. It works well for drawing, writing, and annotating. 

Another notable benefit of this monitor is its multi-purpose USB connection. The same USB connection can power the monitor and transfer data two and from your device. That way, you don’t need to connect multiple USB cables, which would beat the portability of the screen anyways. 

It has a built-in stand and also includes a screen protector. That ultimately saves you even more money as you don’t need to spend more on accessories. 

This one also has a blue-light filter, which helps prevent eye fatigue from looking at the screen for too long. It can also connect with macOS devices but requires a driver (vTouch). 

EVICIV 15.6-Inch Portable Touchscreen Monitor

The EVICIV 15.6-Inch Portable Touchscreen Monitor can connect with various devices, including smartphones and game consoles. With a 15.6 inches screen, this monitor has an HD resolution of 1080p. 

The 1000:1 contrast ratio paired with a 60 Hz refresh rate provides a great experience, suitable for graphic design work. The G+FF technology allows it to have higher touch sensitivity. 

Ultralight Portable Monitor

It has narrow bezels around the screen, giving an almost borderless display. This is a plug-and-play portable monitor screen. So you can use it with multiple devices anywhere, at any time. It also has a faux leather case with a built-in stand, which looks quite sophisticated. 

This EVICIV monitor is just 1.6 pounds heavy, thanks to its narrow build (just 0.2 inches thick). It also has built-in dual speakers. 

It should be noted that this monitor’s touch functionality is contingent on a USB-C connection. The touch feature will not work if the connected device doesn’t have a USB-C port. In other words, the touch feature may not work if connected using connectors for USB-B to USB-C. 

Parblo Coast 10.1-Inch Drawing/Graphic Portable Monitor

The Parblo Coast Graphic Portable Monitor is more like a drawing tablet that connects to your computer and allows you to draw and design with a pen. It comes with a stylus pen and multiple other accessories like a kickstand and glove. This is ideal for digital illustrators. 

This monitor works seamlessly with creative software like Illustrator, Photoshop, Coral Draw, or Comic Studio. You can design directly on the monitor's screen with high precision, thanks to the pen and the screen’s high sensitivity. 

The design of the monitor itself is quite ergonomic and user-friendly. You can put it on a desk or keep it in your hand to draw at whatever angle or way is convenient for you. Its size is also appropriate for on-the-go digital art, so even when traveling, you can get work done without needing a lot of space. 

This Parblo Coast monitor is compatible with most graphic design tools and can work with both Windows and macOS. It connects with a USB connection. Also, the pen is battery-free, so there’s no hassle charging it. 

SideTrak Solo Pro 15.6-Inch Portable Monitor

The SideTrak Solo Pro Portable Monitor is a large touchscreen monitor, best for use as a secondary screen. Its actual size comes out to almost 15.8 inches, so it’s quite big but still portable enough to be carried during traveling. It weighs less than 2 pounds. 

It’s one of the most compatible monitors, as it works with almost all devices, including small gaming consoles. Thanks to multiple ports, you can use it to connect with different devices, including your graphic design computer. 

The HDR mode can make entertainment more striking, with bright colors and sharp contrast. This mode can also be handy for graphic design work where you require more attention to detail. It has built-in speakers to provide crisp sound. 

The 90-degree kickstand is integrated into the body of the monitor. The contrast ratio is 800:1, and the refresh rate is 50/60 Hz. You can use it in both horizontal and vertical orientations. 

Arzopa 2K 13.3-Inch Portable Touch Monitor

While 15-inch portable monitors are the most popular, if you’re looking for something smaller, this Arzopa 2k 13.3-Inch Portable Touch Monitor should be the choice. It’s an affordable secondary monitor with an IPS touchscreen and 2K resolution. 

It’s an ultra-slim monitor with a thickness of just 0.3 inches. As a result, it’s also featherlight, weighing just 1.4 pounds. You can connect with a laptop, desktop, tablet, or even a smartphone. It’s also compatible with Raspberry Pi and gaming consoles. There are different screen modes you can set seamlessly. 

Portable Monitors

There are built-in speakers and a kickback stand. The stand is also the cover, protecting the monitor when not in use. You can keep it in your backpack without worrying about the screen getting scratched. 

This one has a metallic look even though the body itself is not made of metal. The slim and sleek aesthetic of the monitor would complement your other similar devices. The cables are included in the box, and you’ll also get the charging adapter. 

UPERFECT 15.6-Inch Portable Touchscreen Monitor with Battery

For those who are always on the go, the UPERFECT 15.6-Inch Touchscreen Monitor is a good option. Unlike many other secondary monitors, this one has a battery in it, so it can work even without a charging connection. With a full charge, it can last up to seven hours. 

It can also charge your phone, so on the off chance your phone is dying, this portable monitor may just save the day. This is all thanks to its powerful 10,800 mAh battery. However, this is a polymer battery, not lithium-ion. Nevertheless, it’s slightly cheaper because of that. 

As for the display, the screen has a brilliant 1080p resolution with a 60 Hz refresh rate. The 10-point capacitive touchscreen has a fast response time. With very narrow bezels, you get an ultrawide screen. 

Also, this monitor has four speakers, making it sound louder than your average portable monitor. 

Lastly, it has a beautiful leather case with a magnetic closure. This case will protect the screen and double as a kickstand. 

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How to Choose the Best Portable Touchscreen Monitor?

There are plenty of factors to consider when buying a portable monitor, but for graphic designers, the following should matter the most. 


The sharpness of the display is critical, especially for graphic design work. While many monitors now offer ultra HD 4K displays, for most graphic design jobs, an HD display is more than enough (1080p). 

That said, if you have a higher budget, go for the 4K display, as it will enhance the quality of your work. The increased sharpness and better color contrast would add more design depth to your creative projects.  

Portable Touchscreen Monitor

Response Rate

The touchscreen’s response is another somewhat underrated specification of a portable monitor. When working with processor and memory-hungry applications like Photoshop, the last thing you need is for the touchscreen to lag. 

Similarly, the refresh rate should be higher, too (at least 60 Hz). 

Color Accuracy

Color accuracy largely depends on the display technology of the monitor. In this regard, LED and IPS displays are the best. TN monitors, in comparison, have lower color accuracy. 

Still, color accuracy may vary from one model to another. You may only see the difference on using the monitor. 


As USB connections aren’t standardized, especially USB-C, you must ensure that the monitor you’re buying works with your device. While most portable monitors are plug-and-play, some may not work with specific devices. 

If you have a MacBook or other macOS device, ensure the portable monitor is compatible. 

Tap Your Creativity with Touchscreen Monitor!

The best portable touchscreen monitor can help invigorate your creativity in graphic design, illustration, or drawing. You can turn your old non-touch computer into a touchscreen experience. When it’s time to multitask, supplement the screen with the additional monitor. 

The Desklab Ultralight 4K Portable Touch Monitor is the best portable monitor for graphic designers, artists, and gamers. Its remarkable display and convenient features make it a stand-out option. 

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