Pre-Order Information

What is a pre-order?
It's a way to reserve our hottest new products before their full release. Due to extremely high demand, we're currently getting more orders than we're able to manufacture so the pre-order process allows you to reserve your spot in line and get your portable monitor as soon as possible. As a bonus, you can also get a special pre-order discount - its our way to say thank you.

When will my pre-order be shipped?
The pre-ordered item will be shipped on its batch release date, depending on which batch you are in - typically one to two months after you place your order.
All other items will be processed for immediate shipment, depending on availability. So if you ordered other items along with the pre-ordered item, you will most likely get the other items first. If the shipping date for your pre-order changes, we'll alert you by email.

When will I be charged for my pre-order?
Charges for pre-orders happen immediately after you place the order. Once you order, you'll lock your place in line and funds are put towards the manufacturing, quality control, and shipping of your product to ensure that you get it as soon as possible!

What do you mean by "expected" release date?
We can't always predict the exact date a pre-ordered item will become available due to overwhelming demand. Once our manufacturing capacity can catch up to demand for portable touchscreen monitors, we will be able to transition from pre-orders to regular retail sales. However, please note that at that stage, we will no longer be able to offer pre-order pricing.

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