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Desklab Monitor

Micro USB 2.0 to Female USB

Micro USB 2.0 to Female USB

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Connect a standard USB-compatible device (keyboard, mouse, game controller, etc) or USB flash drive to portable monitor via monitor’s micro USB port with this Micro USB 2.0 to Female USB adapter. This portable monitor does not have a standard USB port. It is a next-generation device and only has micro USB and USB-C ports. To connect older devices and drives to this portable monitor, this adapter is required. 

The adapter is made with hard plastic coating and a reinforced rubber cord to prevent creasing and cracking over time. Easy to plug and play, you’ll enjoy fast data transfer and lossless screen mirroring from your Samsung phone or tablet (or any other micro USB compatible device).

  • Use with flash drives, game controllers, keyboards, computer mouse, tablet, etc.
  • Portable: Just 4 inches long
  • Durable design
  • Fast data transfer and lag-free pairing
  • Compatible with Samsung, LG, and Android devices
  • Share battery during emergencies
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