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Desklab Monitor

Monitor Foldable Stand + Cover

Monitor Foldable Stand + Cover

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❗️Choose the Model According to Your portable monitor Resolution (Please make sure you order a 1080p cover for your 1080p monitor and a 4K cover for your 4K monitor)

The portable monitor orders do not include a magnetic cover. They must be purchased here. Highly recommended for optimizing your portable monitor user experience!

Keep your portable monitor safe with this slim and durable magnetic cover. Customized for this particular monitor, this magnetic cover fits the monitor perfectly. At 0.3 inches, it’s ultra-slim and portable, so it won’t take up any more space in your bag. The powerful magnets inside prevent the cover from exposing your monitor’s screen even with intense jostling, but they will not put any of your other electronics at risk.

Open the cover and invert to use it as a reliable monitor stand in horizontal or vertical mode. The cover’s large panels form a secure monitor stand that will not collapse like small-panel designs.

  • Secure magnetic cover protects against drops, dust, and scratches
  • Flips into monitor stand; functional in both horizontal and vertical mode
  • 4 stand angle adjustments
  • Smooth to the touch; business-casual look
  • 0.3” thick, ultra-slim and light
  • Compatible with both 1080p and 4K models
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